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Three Ways You’re Aging Your Skin

By August 5, 2017Skin Care Tips
Aging Your Skin

Do you try out every new makeup brand that hit the shelves? Do you go to bed with your mascara on? These are common mistakes that do not seem like they’re a big deal, but over time, their effects can cause your skin to age and you looking prematurely older than you are.

Don’t fret. It isn’t too late. Here is a list of the bad skin habits that most people are already used to and the many things that can be done to remedy their harmful effects. When you look closely, these tips might be all that you need to make your skin at least ten years younger.

Leaving Without Sunscreen

This perhaps can be considered as the habit that hurts your skin the most. Not wearing sunscreen on a daily basis may be something that you’re already used to, but it shouldn’t be the case. The heat from the sun whether direct or not is not the number one cause of skin aging. Whether it is a cloudy, rainy or snowy day, the sun can reach you in more ways that one and on any day. Even if you stay mostly indoors, the sun’s rays can go through the glass; thus, you still have to apply sunscreen for your skin protection.

Neglecting Neck and Hands Protection

The face might be the priority, but your neck and hands need protection too. Overexposure to the sun affects your neck and hands just as much the overall complexion. Dark spots, dryness and sagging skin are all signs of aging. Treat your neck, hands and even your shoulder area like how you do with your facial skin. Make sure only to use products prescribed by your dermatologists. Apply moisturizer generously.

Using Only Spot Treatments

Thanks to a woman’s ever-fluctuating hormones, women who are over forty suffer from unwanted acne problems. Although the use of spot treatments have become a popular option, such has been found to dry out the skin and leave it raw and prone to irritation. Sadly, spot treatments don’t help pimples. Sometimes, they even cause the irritation to worsen. Instead, treat your entire face with the acne fighting medical grade cleanser. It is best in preventing breakouts even before they happen.

Some say that aging is a natural process of the body and perhaps it is. However, it does not mean that you shouldn’t take care of your skin to make it look and feel younger. When you use the right skin care products, you can take care of your skin properly without regrets.