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That radiant look you always wanted

Beauty is . . . being comfortable in your own skin. Our special skin waxing is an excellent way of removing hair for even the most sensitive skin. Because beauty lies within, and it’s only skin deep.

We offer a wide range of waxing services and do so with conviction and unrivalled experience. Forever Young believes in modesty, comfort and hygiene when it comes to Brazilian waxing. That means proper draping, comfortable temperatures, customizing final details and no double-dipping. We use only the best, low temperature, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, Zinc Oxide wax specially formulated for sensitive skin to leave you looking and feeling silky smooth.

Before coming, you might be thinking that waxing isn’t for you because you are afraid of the pain you think you’ll experience. Think again! Our wax experts specialize in Brazilian waxing and know that the faster the procedure, the better. In their skilled and experienced hands, you’ll feel the peace of mind and confidence – and become smooth and hair-free in very little time. At Forever Young we can convince you never to shy away from waxing again. Clients believe makes us best waxing in Edmonton.

Female Brazilian Waxing

Choose the Quickzilian wax- a full Brazilian wax that’s completed in only 8* minutes! Get rid of your excess hair worries with our highly trained wax experts who will execute the procedure quickly and effortlessly. With a specialized wax formula designed for sensitive skin and “gentle” areas of the body, we assure you that you are in good hands.

Male Brazilian Waxing

For those of you who are new to the idea, let’s take a minute to explain exactly what Male Brazilian Waxing is. It’s the removal of all or some of the hair in the genital area. How much or how little hair you want removed is completely up to you.You can have a strip of hair remaining just above the shaft, or you can opt to have it all removed.You can also choose to have all of the hair removed from your scrotum and/or anal area.In the privacy of one of our waxing rooms, your personal aesthetician will walk you through all of the steps required to give you a clean and hairless appearance.For those of you who have had male Brazilian waxing treatments before, you know the drill; and for all of our loyal return customers, you know that our waxing salon provides a truly comfortable, relaxing and hygienic environment.

  • Easier personal hygiene and a cleaner feel.
  • Increased sensitivity on areas with no hair.
  • Possible perception of increased size of genitals

Guys – do not be afraid! We have a large male clientele who rebook with us each month. Our team is super professional, and we are all expert waxers. We’ll make sure you are comfortable and given all the relevant after-wax advice. Whether you’re a first time salon visitor or a regular groomer, we’ll take good care of you and make sure you are put at ease. We also provide relaxing and effective skin treatments customised for our male clients. Something every male should feel entitled to on a monthly basis.


Hard Wax Add $10
Eyebrow $15
Upper Lip $15
Chin $18
Sides $16
Neck $25+
Full face $50


Under Arms $20
Stomach $30
Full Front/Back $65
Lower Back $30
Upper Back $35
Shoulders $25
Upper Arms $25
Lower Arms $25
Full Arms $40


Lower Legs $35
Upper Legs $40
Full Legs $65
Bikini Line $35
Extended Bikini $50
Brazilian $80
Anal Area $25
Buttocks $30
Feet & Hand $20
Navel $15


Brows $15
In Between Brow $10
Neck $20
Cheeks $14
Shoulders $25
Sideburns $16
Ears $20
Nose $10


Hands $13
Upper Arms $30
Full Arms $45
Underarms $25
Shoulders $25
Sideburns $16
Chest $65
Stomach $30
V Stomach $15
Lower Back $30
Upper Back $30
Full Back $65
Full Chest including Stomach $59


Half Legs $40
Full Legs $65
Between the Cheeks $20
Buttocks $50
Totally smooth from front to back

Simply beautiful

Your treatment is more than just a cosmetic appointment. It’s where beauty begins.


Why Choose Forever Young Laser Skin Rejuvenation | Nail And Hair Lounge?

Our team has worked hard to achieve the reputation as Edmonton’s leader in non-invasive cosmetic lasers, aesthetic and hair services. We provide outstanding levels of experience in skin assessment, laser skin rejuvenation, spa-aesthetic treatments, beauty treatments, and full service hair lounge. We understand that cosmetic treatments is complex and that people’s requirements and desired outcomes vary. That is why we offer our visitors a informative and private consultation with no obligation.

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