We Do Professional Body Piercings With Needles.

We provide professional, hygienic body piercing and we offer a fine selection of body jewellery. All body piercings include a personal assessment and specific aftercare guidelines to ensure that our clients are well informed on all aspects of piercing. Our body piercing studio provides a clean, safe, friendly environment that complies with the Health Canada‘s Infection Control Guidelines.

We provide a clean, safe, sterile and friendly environment with an informed, committed staff and up-to-date procedures and technology. We value our professionalism, integrity and service and recognition of this is measured by our high rate of customer referrals.

All clients under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. As there is a waiver, release and consent form to fill out. All prices are based on 15 plus in age.


  • All prices include standard new/sterile Bioflex or titanium jewellery, except large-gauge lobe piercing and stretching.
  • To ensure quality standards we can not pierce with jewellery purchased elsewhere.
  • For some piercings, jewellery such as Barbells and jewelled Nose Screws are available, at an additional charge.
  • $10-$50 piercing changes/ re-opening an existing piercing. Depends on the piercing and tools needed.

Forever Young Body Piercing After Care

Congratulations! You’ve just endured a new piercing! Now that the jewellery has been inserted, it is up to you to make sure your piercing will heal successfully. Following the proper aftercare described below will prevent unwanted infections and promote optimal healing. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the healing of your piercing, feel free to contact your piercer and she will be happy to answer any questions you may have to the best of her abilities.

Aftercare Instructions

  • Always thoroughly clean your hands with an antibacterial soap before handling your new piercing.
  • Use a couple drops of the ‘Southside Sea Solutions’ on your new piercing 2-3 times daily (no rinse) OR for oral piercings, use one spray of the Protat Oral to your new piercing 2-3 times daily (RINSE thoroughly afterwards).
  • Mix 1/4 of a teaspoon of fine-grain non-iodized sea salt (NOT table salt, Epsom salt or Kosher salt) in one cup of warm water. Soak your new piercing for 5-10 minutes, twice daily to speed the healing process. Make sure you use a clean container! (Coffee mugs, shallow bowls, and shot glasses work best for soaking. A clean cotton ball soaked in said solution works well for piercings difficult to soak.) OR Purchase a prepared saline solution, and warm it in the microwave for a similar soak. Confirm that the saline has no harmful additives and is labelled ‘isontonic saline’ or 0.9% sterile saline.
  • Rinse your piercing after soaking it to ensure the fistula does not get cut up by sharp salt crystals. It is never harmful to rinse twice! Any secretions left over should now be softened and easy to remove with a cotton swab or gauze.
  • You may use a basic glycerin based soap such as Pears, Soft Soap, or Neutrogena once a day. Lather a small amount of soap in your hand before gently applying it to your new piercing. Rinse, gently moving the jewellery to ensure all the soap residue is gone. Avoid using regular soap on your piercing as it’s often too harsh and will prolong the healing process.
  • For oral piercings rinse with an alcohol-free, anti-fungal mouthwash twice daily. Gargle the same sea salt mixture described above a couple times a day. Rinse with clean water prior to eating, drinking, smoking, or kissing. Oral sex should be avoided for at least a week prior to receiving your new oral piercing.
  • Never use hydrogen peroxide, Bactine, rubbing alcohol, iodine or Polysporin on body piercings! These are much too harsh for healing a piercing as they can lead to drying and cracking. The petroleum-based ointment should be avoided as they clog pores and do not allow for the piercing to breathe.
  • DO NOT change your jewellery before your piercing has healed. If one must make an exception (improper sized jewellery, surgery, job interview etc.), contact your pierces for a possible alternative.

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