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Skin Regimens You’re Doing Wrong

Skin Regimens

Everyone has grown into practices they have become accustomed to. Some of these skin care practices have been passed on from generation to generation. Some have been taught by people they trust. Little do they know that some of the practices are more harmful to their skin than it is useful. Sadly, people have become guilty of a habit that they cannot seem to let go of that is making their skin worse every day.

Eating too many sweets, drinking alcoholic beverages and even the lack of sleep all contribute to skin dryness and irritation. Beside these very popular vices, some things seem harmless but are causing irreversible damage to the skin. Here are some skin regimens people think are helpful but are mistakes they do not know they are making:

Sleeping With Makeup On

How many times have you gone to bed skipping your make-up removal routine because you felt it was something that could wait in the morning? If you have been guilty of this once or twice, then you must not act surprised when you notice premature aging and skin damages on your face. Before going to bed, make sure to use a water-soluble cleanser to help you remove that makeup and clear the pores to avoid irreversible skin damage.

Exfoliating When You Feel Like It

Exfoliating, according to skin experts, is a very useful practice to remove dead skin cells and keep skin looking healthy. But doing is as often as you wished might not be a good idea. Over exfoliating can lead to skin sensitivity and overexposure of the outer layer of the skin. Exfoliating can also cause irritation, making your skin more sensitive than it already is. Keep in mind to only use doctor recommended skin exfoliating products to get desired results.

Picking on Pimples

The most common reasons why people suffer from hyperpigmentation of their facial skin is because they enjoy picking on their pimples. Some find comfort in picking pimples at home and experts understand that. However, they do recommend that you do learn the right technique on how to do it before you do it. If you know little, it is best to go to a licensed aesthetician to do it for you. The next time you see that blemish, stop yourself from picking it only because you know you can’t do it right.

These blunders are very common so make sure to learn more about proper skin regimens before anything else happens. After all, the goal is to keep your skin looking healthy and flawless at all times.

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