Smooth skin texture & reduce pigmentation


Do you want your skin to look younger and smoother? At Forever Young Laser Skin Rejuvenation we offer the largest, most diverse, state of the art skin repair and rejuvenating lasers that can be used to address fine lines, acne and surgical scars, sun damage, redness, active acne and reduce pore size.

If you’re looking for an effective treatment to refresh your skin’s complexion and reduce sun damage or signs of ageing, then our skin repair and rejuvenation treatments are just for you. They can be used anywhere on the face and body to combat signs of ageing and are minimally invasive, affordable and reliable with real results.

Many products and treatment plans only target one result of skin aging, such as fine lines or loss of fullness. Combination Therapy combines the benefits of multiple treatments to treat multiple issues at once.

An example of Combination Therapy is combining Laser and Thermage skin tightening to smooth deep wrinkles and fine lines, restore lost fullness and enhance facial contours – all in just one treatment.

Other Combination Therapies Include:

IPL (intense pulse light) combined with deeper peels to smooth skin texture and pigment causes from sun damage.

We have designed a signature rejuvenation treatment (combination treatment) consisting of a series of treatments to address all skin concerns from

  • Pigmentation caused by sundamage and melasma
  • Redness cause by rosacea and vascular lesions
  • Texture caused by pore size, scarring, fine lines
  • Ageing caused by fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improve the clarity and brightness of your skin

We are confident with a thorough consultation with our medical aestheticians, patients will receive a tailored treatment regime that will enhance the texture and clarity of your skin.

We pride ourselves on exclusivity, luxury services, and products with highly trained and experienced professionals. Result driven treatments with little to no down time!-repairing, preventing. and correcting treatments combined with high end medical grade skincare to not only change the look and feel of your skin but to also build confidence and give you the youthful healthy appearance we all want!

We offer our patients payment plans to make packages more affordable. As always, If you have any questions or concerns please call us directly 780-758-8225 or email with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

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