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Gold Standard Hair Reduction

Are you looking for a safe, results driven and affordable treatment for hair reduction? The Forever Bare BBL technique by Sciton is a revolutionary method of laser hair removal that has been gaining mainstream acceptance worldwide.This laser treats larger areas, making it faster and it’s a game changer. We can treat both lighter and darker skin types.


Just one treatment can bring back that healthy, youthful glow.

Here at Forever Young Laser Skin Rejuvenation we feature the world renowned Sciton JOULE ™ laser system due to its ability to treat a wide range of skin conditions safely, effectively & comfortably. This state of the art system has been featured on numerous television shows such as The Doctors and Dr. Oz, and is used by many of the worlds top laser practices. The Sciton BBL can be customized to your desired outcome; working to remove age spots, sun damage, scars, wrinkles, & dilated veins. It is also able to treat rosacea & active acne. With our Sciton BBL System you are guaranteed to look and feel forever beautiful.*

Hair removal is one of the most common non-invasive surgical procedures used both by men and women. The human body grows hair in a wide variety of areas, but most growth is concentrated on the head, parts of the face, the armpits, the chest, the pubic region, the arms, and the legs.

The most common forms of hair removal include shaving with razors and trimming with electric trimmers. However, these processes are not useful for permanent hair reduction. In addition, there are a large number of hair-removal creams available on the market that remove the hair by detaching them from the root at the hair follicles. Similar to shaving and depilation, hair removal creams are just a temporary procedure, with the hair growing back within a short period of time.

For permanent-hair-removal solutions, one of the most common techniques is laser hair removal.

The Forever Bare BBL technique by Sciton is a revolutionary method of laser hair removal that has been gaining mainstream acceptance worldwide.

How Does Forever Bare BBL™from Sciton Work?

Laser hair removal works by exposing the skin to pulses of laser light at very high frequencies that destroy the hair follicles. While it is already considered a safe and permanent method, Sciton has improved upon the technology to provide one of the most painless and efficient ways to remove excess hair from the skin with minimal discomfort.

What Are the Benefits of Forever Bare BBL™from Sciton?

Forever Bare BBL™rom Sciton is a technologically advanced hair-removal machine that provides a fast and safe way to remove hair. It’s designed to minimize pain by keeping the skin cool during the whole procedure.


It offers numerous benefits:

Comfort – The Forever Bare BBL™from Sciton comes with a thermo-electrically cooled sapphire plate along the handpiece that keeps the skin cool and at an even temperature during the application of the energy. The handpiece allows for maximum cooling even at the highest power with the skin kept cool and comfortable throughout the procedure.

Speed – Forever Bare BBL™from Sciton allows for the removal of hair from a large area of the skin, with the maximum being an area as large as 15mm x 45mm. This allows for large sections of the epidermis to be treated effectively with minimal time. In addition, for finer areas, the area of treatment can be reduced to a few millimeters to ensure that more precise removal is possible.

Safety – Forever Bare BBL™from Sciton provides multiple bursts of energy instead of discharging it all at once. This technique has multiple benefits, including minimal heat generation and protection from exposing skin to excessive laser light. It also makes it safer for use, with increased focus on energy dissipation across the skin. The multi-burst mode raises the skin temperature to proper therapeutic levels without damaging the outer layer of the skin.

Flexibility and Maneuverability – Forever Bare BBL™from Sciton comes with a large number of adapters that can be used to treat both large and small areas with swiftness and precision. In addition, smoothness adapters help to soften the edges of the treatment heads while being used in motion against the skin.

Compatibility – Forever Bare BBL™from Sciton is compatible with all types of skin and can be effectively used for various skin types. Many conventional laser hair removal machines cannot be used with darker skin types.


Forever Young Bare™ treatment varies in cost based on the extent of treatment and the number of sessions undergone to achieve maximum results. We also offer packages which will alter the price.

Laser Hair Removal

Regular Price Sale Price Series of 3 Series of 6
Upper Lip $100 $50 $150 $300
Chin $200 $100 $300 $600
Sides $199 $99 $297 $594
Cheeks $199 $99 $297 $594
Upper Lip And Chin $250 $125 $375 $750
Full Face $300 $150 $450 $900
Neck $199 $99 $297 $594
Full Face And Neck $500 $299 $897 $1794

Upper Body

Regular Price Sale Price Series of 3 Series of 6
Under Arms $250 $125 $375 $750
Stomach $600 $300 $900 $1800
Full Front $600 $400 $1200 $2400
Lower Back $600 $300 $900 $1800
Upper Back $600 $300 $900 $1800
Full Back $800 $400 $1200 $2400
Shoulders $400 $250 $750 $1500
Upper Arms $400 $200 $600 $1200
Lower Arms $400 $200 $600 $1200
Full Arms $700 $350 $1050 $2100

Lower Body

Regular Price Sale Price Series of 3 Series of 6
Lower Legs $700 $350 $1050 $2100
Upper Legs $700 $350 $1050 $2100
Full Legs $1100 $550 $1650 $3300
Bikini Line $300 $150 $450 $900
Extended Bikini $400 $200 $600 $1200
Brazilian $500 $250 $750 $1500
Anal Area $300 $150 $450 $900
Buttocks $500 $250 $750 $1500
Feet/Hands $200 $100 $300 $600
Nipple (Areola) $300 $150 $450 $900
Navel $150 $75 $225 $450

Gentlemans Laser Hair Removal

Regular Price Sale Price Series of 3 Series of 6
Face Area
Cheeks $300 $150 $450 $900
Beard $500 $250 $750 $1500
Back Of Neck Line $200 $100 $300 $600
Upper Body
Shoulders $600 $250 $750 $1500
Lower Back $600 $300 $900 $1800
Upper Back $600 $300 $900 $1800
Full Back $800 $400 $1200 $2400
Full Front $800 $400 $1200 $2400
Upper Chest $600 $300 $900 $1800
Stomach $600 $300 $900 $1800
Under Arms $250 $125 $375 $750
Upper Arms $450 $225 $675 $1350
Lower Arms $400 $200 $600 $1200
Full Arms $800 $400 $1200 $2400
Lower Body
Brazilian And Anal Area $600 $300 $900 $1800
Anal Area $400 $200 $600 $1200
Buttocks $500 $250 $750 $1500


During the consultation, the medical aesthetician will examine the patient’s skin and specific areas of concern. The purpose of the consultation is to determine whether or not the patient is a good candidate for the treatment, or they would be better suited for an alternative facial rejuvenation treatment. Once it is verified that the patient is an ideal candidate, the practitioner will then design a personalized treatment plan specific to meet the patient’s individual needs. Some patients only need one treatment session to accomplish their desired look, while others with more concerns may require multiple treatments. The exact amount of recommended treatments to obtain optimal results will be advised during the consultation. The provider will go over any preparatory treatment care plans as well as advise the patient on what to expect the day of treatment. Consultations can be arranged by calling ‪780-758-7727‬, online chat, email, or with our online booking system. If you decide to proceed, a $25 consultation fee is required which can be used towards your treatment.We look forward to hearing from you.


Groundbreaking Results.

"No wonder Halo™ has become a #1 procedure. The combination of great results and unmatched patient comfort has generated tremendous word-of-mouth among doctors and patients."


Groundbreaking Results.

"Compared to other IPL technologies BroadBand Light™ or BBL from Sciton has made skin rejuvenation much more comfortable for me, largely because the technology has been easier to use, it is faster, and treats a larger spot size."


Groundbreaking Results.

"I love seeing the same patients time and again and with Forever Young BBL™, they look younger year after year. Patients who maintain a regular regimen of BBL can expect skin that looks better today than it did a decade ago"


Results now. Results for years.

At our clinic you can reduce unwanted hair from both lighter and darker skin types with long-lasting results. It’s safe, fast, comfortable and effective. Book an appointment with one of our hair removal specialists or take advantage of our free initial consultation to determine the best hair removal approach for you.


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