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Skin Care Tips

Skin Care Shopping

Skin Care Shopping: How To Choose The Right Products?

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Are you looking for a quick fix to reduce the fine lines, tighten skin and caring for the wrinkles? It may seem as if a trip to the pharmacy would do the trick. After all, there are more than a handful of over the counter skin care products available. However, the significant number of options has made it even more impossible to choose just one. Making a choice can be quite overwhelming.

Some skin care products are a bit overpriced and make claims that they otherwise couldn’t support. And then some products say they can take several years off the face, which could be very misleading and downright ineffective. Over the counter skin products are good because they are accessible; however, they can only actually benefit those who know what they should be looking for.

What kind of products should you buy? Should you go for expensive products? Or should you choose the one that promises to make you look ten years younger? Here are some tips for skin care shopping that you must follow?

  • You have to know your skin type before you make any purchases. Some of the brands create products that are unique for a skin type. Using the wrong one might cause rashes. Dry, oily, or sensitive? Which of these products are perfect for your skin? This is the first and most fundamental question that you have to ask.
  • Create a daily skin care routine and follow it religiously. The key to a successful skin care treatment is repetition. If you are using anti-aging creams, it is of particular importance to apply them regularly to see improvements. Do not give up yet if you don’t see any changes or improvements in two to four weeks. Give it a little time and have faith in your skin care routine.
  • Be cautious of the so called miracle products in the market. If their tag line seems too good to be true, then that’s just for marketing. Choose your skin care products based on your best judgment. Remember that reputable product lines have been in the industry for excellent reasons. Usually, they are not only the most efficient, but they are the safest too.

Buying the right skin care product is a matter of how knowledgeable you are about your skin and its needs. Don’t buy products without doing research. Remember, the key is repetition and routine. Start a routine, and you’ll see your beautiful, younger skin unfold in the coming weeks.

Skin Diet

Skin Diet: What To Eat To Get Fabulous Skin

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As beauty products become more sophisticated and high tech, the most efficient skin care protection still goes back to the most natural of processes. The aisles in the supermarket will serve as your guide as to which food items to buy and where to find the ones you need.

However, more and more studies have found the close relationship between what is eaten and the type of skin health a person has. Hand in hand with the skin care products of your choice, here is the list of the cream of the crop food items to help you achieve the skin glow that you want:


Are you surprized to see the first item on this list? Cocoa helps keep the skin hydrated, making it supple and firmer. Dark chocolates are not only good for the heart. Its flavonols content is a type of antioxidant that serves as the protection of the skin. A couple of dark chocolate squares should help improve luminosity of the natural skin.


This has become a staple in most homes as it helps regulate bowel movements and keep the stomach healthy. However, little do people know that the protein they get from eating yogurt helps their skin become tighter and firmer. Those who want to avoid the fine lines that come with aging should eat a lot of yogurts. Firmer skin is more resistant to lines.


This fruit should always be present in your home. The antioxidant contents of Pomegranates help fight the free radicals in the body and regulate blood flow. Regular consumption of such fruit will result to natural rosiness. A slice of pomegranate should contribute to achieving the skin glow that you want. However, its juice would be a good alternative too, producing practically the same results.


Omega-3 fatty acid is what will make you love walnuts even more. The fatty acid that it contains help improves the elasticity of the skin. This type of nuts also includes copper, the mineral that helps boost the body’s production of collagen. Snack on a handful of walnuts in a day and you will be doing your skin a lot of good.

What we eat is what we are, at least that goes for the skin. Be very particular with your food intake, and you don’t have to worry about aging skin.

Skin Care Tips

Why Taking Care Of Your Skin Is Essential

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Skin is the largest organ in the human body, and it serves more than just the outermost protection of the body. It helps regulate the body temperature too. The human skin serves some purposes, and all of them help keep the body working properly. In return, how do you keep your skin healthy? Or do you do anything to keep it healthy?

The skin is designed to help keep the body healthy. Here are the top three specific reasons why people should be taking care of their skin more than they do now:

Skin is the body’s natural protection.

Every day, people get exposed to environmental hazards. Exposure to dust could get people sick. And then there are the UV rays that could cause the development of severe health conditions. The acid layer of the skin plays an important role to ensure that the bacteria doesn’t get inside the body and attacking it that causes it to get infected. To keep the dust and bacteria off your body, keep the skin clean at all times. Using skin cleansers, it becomes easy to clean the skin while moisturizing soon after will make it looking healthy at all times.

Skin keeps the body moisturized.

The outer layer of the skin naturally repels water. However, it is also able to absorb oily substances, allowing it to penetrate into pores. To be able to keep the balance, it is important that you choose the right products you use for your skin type. It is necessary to read the product labels at all times to ensure that the skin only absorbs what is essential to keep it healthy. If you can choose to use all-natural and organic products, then that will prevent inflammatory substances from making you sick.

Skin regenerates whenever necessary.

The human skin synthesizes all the chemicals that are applied to it. Whether it came from the body soap that you used when you took a bath or from the lotion that you applied soon after, the skin becomes the manufacturing plant where all the chemicals come together. Skin cells regenerate to help people keep their young looking overall body protection. It also manages to repair the damage done to the skin and even convert sunlight into Vitamin D to keep it moisturized all times.

Your skin in your body’s natural protection. When you use products that contain harmful chemicals that damage the skin, you are not only damaging the skin, but you are putting your overall health in danger. So the next time you shop for skin care products to use, remember to check if they do care for your skin and that they are not doing otherwise.

Skin Stressed

Is Your Skin Stressed Out?

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Although many studies relate stress to the drying and aging of skin faster than it should, it is your gut feeling that honestly tells you what’s making you look older than your age. Whenever you look in the mirror, and you see your furrowed brow, you know that stress does not help you look good in any way. In fact, stress gets your skin to wrinkle faster, making you look old and dry.

Recent scientific studies show how cortisol or more popularly referred to as the stress hormone is getting under your skin and it poses a myriad of harsh effects on how you look and your overall skin health. However, what science reveals says a lot about how your skin can look stressed out even when you’re doing everything you can to keep it healthy.

How then should you take care of your skin? Here are some expert tips to help out:

  • Dryness

Chronic stress keeps the skin from its natural ability to hold water; thus, the dry skin effect when you’re so stressed out. More than drying, moisture loss also diminishes the natural luminance of the skin. To correct this, make sure that you use products that are hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. Their low pH level keeps the skin from further drying if not inflammation.

  • Fine Lines

Cortisol also contributes to the increase in sugar levels in the blood, which damages the collagen and elastin. These proteins are the ones responsible for keeping the skin smooth and plump. Stress also causes constant muscle tension, which then leads to permanent wrinkling of the skin. To counter this, make sure that you reduce the chances of being caught in a stressful situation, whether at home or in the office.

  • Redness

Stress can increase the blood flow making the capillaries expand. And because stress also lowers the immune system, constant redness and irritation of the skin become evident. To correct this, you may opt to use topical creams and apply them daily. Make sure they come with anti-inflammatory ingredients such as licorice and allantoin.

Stress can bring about some adverse effects on the human body. The most evident of them all is its effects on the skin. Natural aging is part of the process. Don’t hasten it by putting yourself under a lot of stress. Loosen up and little and relax.

Skin Care Tips

Skin Care Tips Dermatologists Practice

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Right across the room from you are standing, you saw the dermatologist, a common friend of yours and the host of the party. Are you tempted to ask her for some advice on how you can take care of your skin? There’s no need to feel nervous at all. You don’t need to walk across the room to bombard that dermatologist with all your questions about skin care. Rather, here is a list of skin care tips that every dermatologist puts into practice.

  • Pour on Layers of Protection

    Some might dismiss it as a mere luxury to put on enough sunscreen, but dermatologists believe otherwise. In fact, it is important for everyone to put on at least a layer of sunscreen protection every day. It is not just about keeping the skin young looking but to also keep you from developing a serious health condition that all begins with the damage in the skin.

  • Put on a Little Tint

    You haven’t been to the beach recently, but you can still make your skin look sun-kissed. With the use of a little tint or blush, you can even out your skin tone and take years off your face. There are several brands of skin care that you can buy, but you have to be careful in which one you pick. Make sure to read the label to learn more about its ingredients and whether or not you are allergic to them.

  • Eat Foods that keep you Skin Looking Healthy

    Dermatologists agree that eating the right kinds of food can help nourish the body and the skin as well. When you eat skin-enriching foods, you don’t have to worry if you forgot to put the blush or powder your face. Include almonds, salmon or tuna to your regular breakfast treats as they contain healthy fatty acids that keep the skin moisturized.

  • Relax Your Skin

    If your job requires you to put on makeup every day, make sure to allow your skin to rest for at least a day in a week. On that day, keep your skin zen-mode, which means you shouldn’t put on makeup to keep the breakouts from happening. Keeping your skin fresh by washing with water should help calm it down. Every little bit of effort helps.

Choosing the right skin care products can be very tricky, but you have to remember these tips to help keep the glow.

Aging Your Skin

Three Ways You’re Aging Your Skin

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Do you try out every new makeup brand that hit the shelves? Do you go to bed with your mascara on? These are common mistakes that do not seem like they’re a big deal, but over time, their effects can cause your skin to age and you looking prematurely older than you are.

Don’t fret. It isn’t too late. Here is a list of the bad skin habits that most people are already used to and the many things that can be done to remedy their harmful effects. When you look closely, these tips might be all that you need to make your skin at least ten years younger.

Leaving Without Sunscreen

This perhaps can be considered as the habit that hurts your skin the most. Not wearing sunscreen on a daily basis may be something that you’re already used to, but it shouldn’t be the case. The heat from the sun whether direct or not is not the number one cause of skin aging. Whether it is a cloudy, rainy or snowy day, the sun can reach you in more ways that one and on any day. Even if you stay mostly indoors, the sun’s rays can go through the glass; thus, you still have to apply sunscreen for your skin protection.

Neglecting Neck and Hands Protection

The face might be the priority, but your neck and hands need protection too. Overexposure to the sun affects your neck and hands just as much the overall complexion. Dark spots, dryness and sagging skin are all signs of aging. Treat your neck, hands and even your shoulder area like how you do with your facial skin. Make sure only to use products prescribed by your dermatologists. Apply moisturizer generously.

Using Only Spot Treatments

Thanks to a woman’s ever-fluctuating hormones, women who are over forty suffer from unwanted acne problems. Although the use of spot treatments have become a popular option, such has been found to dry out the skin and leave it raw and prone to irritation. Sadly, spot treatments don’t help pimples. Sometimes, they even cause the irritation to worsen. Instead, treat your entire face with the acne fighting medical grade cleanser. It is best in preventing breakouts even before they happen.

Some say that aging is a natural process of the body and perhaps it is. However, it does not mean that you shouldn’t take care of your skin to make it look and feel younger. When you use the right skin care products, you can take care of your skin properly without regrets.