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Is Laser Rejuvenation Worth It?

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Laser rejuvenation is a minimally invasive skin treatment that does not require incisions nor downtime. Though it may sound too good to be true, it does deliver the results that it promises. The truth is that the procedure can be used to treat a vast array of skin problems and other concerns for an extended period. But why should you consider laser rejuvenation over the different treatments? If you are looking at making your skin look younger, then it is the treatment that’s best for you.

In particular, here is a list of what laser rejuvenation treatment can be used for:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and the other parts of the face
  • Shallow scaring from acne or pimple breakouts
  • Skin sagging and skin laxity as early signs of aging
  • Inflammation and redness of the skin
  • Uneven skin tone and texture
  • Pigmentation and other skin irregularities
  • Precancerous skin growths

Fractional laser rejuvenation creates those micro injuries on the skin to help stimulate its healing response. This procedure minimizes skin imperfections included in the list while giving the skin that healthy glow that everyone wants. Moreover, the procedure also stimulates the skin’s production of collagen to provide long-lasting, natural-looking results.

Perhaps what is best about laser rejuvenation clinics and spas in Edmonton is that they customize their treatment depending on patient needs. The depth of the treatment, as well as its frequency, can be adjusted to deal with more severe skin problems to ensure optimum results. Laser rejuvenation may need to be repeated for several more sessions to achieve the skin condition that the patient wants.

Compared to the other skin care treatments, laser rejuvenation is relatively more comfortable. The doctor only uses a topical anesthetic or local anesthesia, depending on the depth of the procedure that will be performed. Some patient chooses to be sedated during the treatment, and that’s something you can ask the attending doctor about. Integrated cooling is also used during the procedure to help the skin find comfort in cold temperature during the treatment.

Perhaps the only challenge left to face involves the choosing of the Spa in Edmonton West where you will undergo the treatment. Whether it is a full spa service or merely a session in laser rejuvenation, be sure to choose the spa that you feel most comfortable in. The trust that you put on them will give them the boost of confidence needed to do the job right.

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Facial 101: What Should You Expect

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Have you had a facial before? Are you itching to book an appointment but holding it off every time because you’re worried that it might not be what you expect? Almost every beauty salon in Edmonton offers a unique kind of facial treatment. The Muse Spa full service includes a facial and a whole body work up. Whether it is to take the stress away or just give yourself a confidence boost, a spa treatment never goes out of style.

The first facial experience can be likened to the first time you try a new workout routine. The aftermath of it can be painful, but with continuous exercise, you gain more confidence and feel more beautiful inside out. Those suffering from breakouts or even acne may find the first facial treatment excruciating and the following sessions to be a bit frustrating. But don’t stop just yet. Facials, like regular exercise and healthy eating, can bring about miraculous results. You only have to learn to wait and work your way up until you get it.

Why Are Facials So Important?

When you eat right and exercise often, you should wonder why you don’t get facial treatments. Alongside the other health and wellness routines that you work to establish, getting a facial should help treat and prevent common skin problems from even occurring. Facials are essential because they help your skin adjust to the demands of the season. The harsh rays of the sun in the summer could dehydrate the skin while the humidity during fall could cause dryness and itchiness. Facials can help you deal with so many other skin problems that you just don’t want to have.

What Do You Get Out Of A Facial?

Proper skin hydration, fewer breakouts, glowing complexion and a whole lot more. Regular facial treatments work. One facial treatment is always not enough. It’s like eating healthy. You have to choose to eat healthy every time to achieve desired results. Eating vegetables for dinner tonight won’t be enough to make your body healthy. The same goes for your skin. Your first facial treatment is only the beginning and it shouldn’t be the last as well.

Getting facial treatments in a beauty salon or a spa in Edmonton is not just about vanity. Instead, it is about taking good care of your skin and overall health.

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Is It Time For Botox?

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Are you considering a Botox treatment? The best Botox in Edmonton used to be reserved only for the rich and famous, but now, it has become commonplace treatment because it is minimally invasive yet it brings about drastic results. In fact, even those in their 20s or 30s opt for a Botox treatment to prevent the lines and wrinkles from showing. The number of Botox injections that were provided this year alone has increased by as much as 50%.

But how do you know it is time to get the best Botox in Edmonton? Here are a few tell-tale signs you must watch out for:

First, when you are in your 20s, and you want to prevent wrinkles, it is time to undergo Botox procedure. When you are young, wild and free, you tend to overexpress your emotions through your facial reactions. These reactions, day by day, slowly lead to the forming of lines and wrinkles around the mouth and at the side of your eyes. To keep you from looking older than your age or from overexpression, it is best to seek Botox.

Second, when you are in your 30s and so stressed out from work and at home, the fine lines on the face will show. This is the cue that you will need to undergo Botox as soon as possible. The Botox will soften the finer lines and perhaps even erase them. Regular, frequent treatment for a few good months should help you say goodbye to fine lines for good. Whether you are getting treatment to prepare for a special occasion like your wedding or you just need a boost of confidence, Botox treatment is the best option you’ve got.

Lastly, when you are in your 40s, and your skin is showing signs of rapid thinning, it is time to see that specialist in Botox. Wrinkles have become far more apparent, and there are also signs of sagging around the jaw area. At this point, Botox may be the only solution that could help you. Your skin may not be entirely smooth after one session, but the treatment will improve the quality and resilience of your skin. Again, it is best to get the injection every three months.

When Botox was first introduced to the public, it has become controversial. Many have said their piece about the treatment while others had an opinion based on what was popularly known about the procedure. Further studies and after much discussion, Botox has reached the point of acceptance of the public with much less resistance. It is now considered as one of the most effective means of preventing wrinkle and fine lines.

Is it time to get Botox yet?

Spa Edmonton West

The Great Spa Experience: What Should You Be Looking For?

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Are you looking for a great spa in Edmonton West? It is not just about the beautiful rooms, relaxing ambiance or the great lighting. More than these fancy treats that most spa places offer, it is ultimately the one-on-one experience and how that makes you feel after. Remember that the best spas are ones that are built on the skills of their therapists.

From getting quality training and strong management support, great therapists can provide the best experience one could feel on a trip to the spa. What do you look for in the best spa in Edmonton?

The first thing that you notice is the beauty of the place and the ambiance it creates. That is very important. Visual beauty helps you relax. Appealing to another sense also help put you in a peaceful state, that’s why most spa places smell good.

Is the spa concierge warm and welcoming in the reception area? Are they attentive and well-organized? These are the things that may seem simple, but are very important and can be life-changing. A smooth entrance always paves the way for a beautiful spa experience. For a moment, all your worries and stress will be massaged away.

If you stepped into a spa place that’s a bit small, the concierge might take you to the locker room herself to show you where everything is. Larger spa places, on the other hand, have locker room attendants who can assist you with whatever you need. The best practice in the spa should mean having someone accompany you rather than to point where you should just be. If you walked in to the spa not getting assistance since you booked, it may be time to simply leave.

The therapist is the one that is mainly giving you your main point of contact. Courteous, pleasant and professional – these are the three best adjectives to describe a good therapist. More than the feeling of being attended to every step of the way, it is the actual services that the therapist provides that will make you come back to the spa more often. The therapist will start asking you questions about your massage treatment and your preferences. They want to make sure that they only provide you with what you want.

Therapists are trained to be sensitive to the kind of touch that you want during the massage, especially regarding pressure. The small talk that therapists make with you helps put to you in a more relaxing mode. You should feel free to talk about things and ask questions if you want. Ultimately, the more critical part of a great spa day is the quality of the personnel. The best spa in Edmonton is manned by someone who can put you at ease from start to finish.

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What Not To Eat To Prevent Acne Outbreaks

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Are you aware that the food choices that you make can either prevent acne outbreaks or increase them? Several studies have been conducted, and most of them showed how one’s diet plan could help make their skin healthier while other food choices just cause more harm than good. Most of the food items listed below may be part of your regular diet. However, after learning that they can create acne outbreaks, you may want to cut some of them from your diet essentials and pick slightly healthier alternatives.

· Cow’s milk – though it is still not clear for scientists why cow’s milk causes acne outbreaks, there are several possible reasons why. Cow’s milk spikes up the blood sugar in the body, which leads to the inflammation of the pores that could lead to pimples. It also increases the insulin levels in the body, causing the skin to produce more sebum (natural oil). With dirt and other chemicals present in the environment, it is no wonder why most women who drink cow’s milk suffer from pimples or worse, acne.

· Sugar – although sugar has often been related to skin breakouts, it doesn’t also mean that when you eat a cookie, you will grow a pimple. The real culprit is not the sugar itself but the amount of sugar intake you make. If you consume a whole candy bar and a can of soda, your blood sugar levels will undoubtedly spike up, causing you to breakout hours after. Try to cut down on sugar intake and lessen the risk of suffering from unwanted acne.

· Junk Food – the name itself suggests the number of unhealthy ingredients that you put inside your body. Not only do they make you unhealthy, but they trigger hormone fluctuations, which means your body may be producing more of a specific type of hormones that could cause some things – one of which is an acne breakout. Avoid junk food to help clear out your skin and keep it soft and healthy looking.

The food items included in this list may not be new to you. In fact, if you aim to be healthy, then you should avoid the issues in this list, except perhaps for cow’s milk. Skin care is not just about properly caring for your skin. It is also about making sure you avoid unwanted skin problems too. The absence of acne, pimples and other blemishes on the skin means one thing – you are healthy.

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Benefits Of Getting The Full Spa Service

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With all the responsibilities that you have on your plate, there are a lot of times when you wish to escape into another world. Ever so often you want to you could go to a spa in Edmonton West to shut off all that has been bothering you. There seems to be an urgent need for you to get away. You seek rest and solitude, but you know that going away isn’t that easy. But how do you deal with all the challenges of the modern world without going insane?

Luckily, various spa services can provide you that temporary relief. This is where the spa in Edmonton West come in. The place can be a blessing providing you with your much needed “me” time. Recharge, relax and reflect. Beautify and detoxify yourself. More than relaxation and comfort, the modern-day spa offers a wide range of health-promoting services. Discover the healing power of touch in your spa experience. It will make you realize how easy it is to make one’s self truly happy.

Why should you avail of the full spa service? Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy:

· You seek a massage session to get yourself away from all the pressure and responsibilities you have to deal with every day. It is like your break from family, work, and friends. When you need to remind yourself that slowing down isn’t all that bad, make the experience even better with a spa treat.

· Regular massage can help stimulate proper blood circulation, allowing the heart to pump blood that’s not only oxygenated but is also filled with nutrients. Such will improve bodily systems making you feel good inside and out.

· Did you know that a simple massage can help correct your digestive system? The lymphatic system is stimulated by a relaxing massage treat that it does the carrying out of body waste more efficiently than on regular days.

· Several studies have revealed that the massage helps the body produce more happy hormones called Serotonin. This hormone is in charge of making the mind feel good. Whenever you get a massage in a spa in Edmonton West, make sure to put your heart into it and just enjoy.

Massage therapies have long been considered as an alternative way of healing the body. Whether you get a massage today, tomorrow or every day, it will make a significant difference in how you live your life. It is made a whole lot better with a massage whenever you want to.

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Three Things You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal

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You’ve recently booked an appointment for laser hair removal in Edmonton. You’re excited about how the treatment will go, hopeful for beautiful results just like what all your other friends got when they underwent treatment. Indeed, there is nothing more popular than having laser hair removal treatment, especially for those who are already tired of shaving and hair plucking. However, it is equally important to know how what to expect from such procedures. Understanding the facts about laser hair removal will give you more value for your money.

Fact 1: Dark Hair Plus Light Skin Makes The Perfect Candidate.

Patients with red, gray or blonde hair may undergo the treatment more often than those with light skin and dark hair for the procedure itself targets hair pigments. The pigments on the hair are the ones responsible for its dark color. Laser hair removal works with the pigments and not the hair itself. The absence of pigments in blonde and gray might make it difficult for the machine to detect the hair and remove it permanently. Sadly, some devices do not work well with dark-skin tones because it cannot identify the pigment of the skin and the hair.

Fact 2:  Plucking Or Waxing Before Treatment Is Not Advisable.

Although most patients would agree that trimming the hair in areas where they would get laser hair removal in Edmonton is necessary, everyone should be reminded that plucking or waxing won’t be doing them any good. You will have to hold off on the other hair removal treatments if you plan to undergo laser hair removal. This is a precautionary measure to ensure that the hair follicles are in the proper growth stage for the laser to reach. When less hair is present, you won’t be able to enjoy optimum results.

Fact 3: Multiple Appointments Are A Must.

One laser hair removal appointment would bring about wonders you never knew possible, but multiple laser hair removals can say goodbye to unwanted hair growth for good. to get the best results, you will need to seek several treatments following a consistent schedule. About six to eight sessions are recommended by beauty experts, depending on the body part where the unwanted hair will be removed.

Laser hair removal in Edmonton has become popular over the years not only for the positive results that it gives birth to but to the permanency that it offers. It can be quite tiring and often frustrating to shave today and see a little hair grow early morning the next day. With laser hair removal, you don’t have to worry about growing unwanted hair.

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Best Botox In Edmonton: Facts You Should Know About

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Did you know the Botox is considered a minimally invasive cosmetic surgery that has become popular all over the world? Botox is fundamentally a treatment used to deal with wrinkles that have already become visible. However, in recent years, Botox has become a tool to prevent wrinkle formation altogether.

Whether it is for beauty or more personal reasons, people who regularly go to a beauty salon in Edmonton know the real value of beauty. It isn’t just about looking food from the outside. Instead, the goal is to feel good from within so that it will naturally radiate.

Aside from the increase in the number of those seeking treatment, the age of those who seek treatment has become significantly younger. Nearly 20% of those who seek Botox treatment are within the age of 30 to 39. For patients who are in their 20’s or 30’s, the Botox treatment that they seek is called Preventive Botox. When it was first introduced in the cosmetic skin treatments, a lot of patients were hesitant to give it a try. With only a few years after it was launched, the number of patients seeking the treatment had increased to about 700% when it was first released.

It is only necessary to note that not only women undergo Botox treatment. The number of male patients has increased over the last couple of years as well. Whether it is vanity that pushed them or the desire to look younger than their age, men have realized the wonders of the Botox treatment and would like to live with its benefits as well.

But when is it safe to undergo treatment? The FDA has approved that the Botox is safe for people 18-year-old up to 65. The aging of the skin depends on a lot of different factors including sun exposure, genetics and even diet and lifestyle. The frequent use of facial expressions can also lead to the formation of wrinkles on the face. Because the determining factors can be quite visible, skin doctors recommend that their patients only seek help when they see the first signs of skin aging.

Everyone wants to reap the benefits of the best Botox in Edmonton. But to do that, one must also learn to take care of their skin. Make sure only to buy the skin care products that are right for your specific skin type. Live and eat healthy, and you won’t have to worry about wrinkles every again.