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A recognized premier laser-spa and salon with a welcoming atmosphere. We have mastered the balance of bringing you the best in beauty care, latest techniques, most diverse laser technology, top of the line products and the most experienced service providers with a comfortable, warm, welcoming environment. While we pride ourselves on providing high-end services, our dedication to client experience is what separates us from our competitors. After all, the support of our clients is the foundation of our success.

We are committed to continually improving and refining our services, while researching the latest advances and innovations in the cosmetic non-surgical field. This enables us to offer the most up-to-date and comprehensive skin rejuvenation treatments available today. We are committed in providing the highest standard of medical skincare and do so with confidence.

Experienced Team

12+ highly trained professionals, attentive and caring administrative staff

Leading Technology

Largest and most diverse range of state of the art lasers, ultrasound and skin care technology

Premium Service

Continuous and extensive training of staff, exceptional level of pre, during and post care


Experience Edmonton’s Cosmetic Facility since 2008

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Our professionals are trained to created customized protocols that address individual skin needs and concerns.

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“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”


What are the benefits of laser treatments ?

Forever Young BBL™

Over the past 10 years, BBL™ has cemented its place as number 1 skin rejuvenation treatment among the top plastic surgery and dermatology clinics in the US and Europe.

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Halo™ Hybrid Laser

HaloTM is the worlds first hybrid fractional Laser designed to:

  • Improve yours skin’s overall tone and texture
  • Significantly remove discolouration
  • Reduce pore size to enhance the skin’s luminous glow
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Say goodbye to sagging skin.

Treat troublesome areas on the face, back, and body with Sciton’s Skintyte™ to achieve a firmer, more attractive appearance without undergo surgery. Skintyte’s she and comfortable treatment offers immediate results bringing you closer to a more youthful you.

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Laser Hair Reduction

The Forever Bare BBL technique by Sciton is a revolutionary method of laser hair removal that has been gaining mainstream acceptance worldwide.

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What is Halo™ Hybrid Laser?

HaloTM is a Sciton hybrid fractional laser that utilizes adjustable wavelengths to target specific facial skin concerns and promote an even skin tone and smooth texture.Halo can reduce the appearance of fine lines, uneven skin textures, and sun spots that develop over time due to age, sun exposure, or harsh uncontrollable pollutants. Halo is also able to address skin pigmentation, reducing the appearance of age spots, as well as clearing the skin of facial blemishes or scarring.

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Hands and feet services

Enjoy rewarding your hands and feet in our luxurious oversized pedicure chairs with a choice of more than 200 gel colours. There’s a reason these services are a favourite among our client.

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Spa Themed Parties

It is our pleasure to offer spa themed parties for any special occasion.

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Groundbreaking Results.

"No wonder Halo™ has become a #1 procedure. The combination of great results and unmatched patient comfort has generated tremendous word-of-mouth among doctors and patients."


Groundbreaking Results.

"Compared to other IPL technologies BroadBand Light™ or BBL from Sciton has made skin rejuvenation much more comfortable for me, largely because the technology has been easier to use, it is faster, and treats a larger spot size."


Groundbreaking Results.

"I love seeing the same patients time and again and with Forever Young BBL™, they look younger year after year. Patients who maintain a regular regimen of BBL can expect skin that looks better today than it did a decade ago"


Your Personal Details are Private, and any information you give during your visit to us stays that way.


Your Privacy is ensured with floor to ceiling walls and fully lockable doors in the treatment room.


Points are accumulated on any treatments, products and Gift Vouchers that you purchase. Simple & Rewarding!